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Tips for leaders on data management and governance priorities

In today’s data-centric economy, a consistent and reliable flow of trusted data across people, teams, and business functions is crucial to the survival of any organization. To achieve a reliable data flow within an organization, one must implement data governance rules while keeping data secure and protected. The following graph from Gartner nicely lays out the Ten Data Management and Governance Actions to Reset, Increase Impact and Enable Remote Work. The chart gives a roadmap for leaders to discuss and get details from their technology leadership on prioritizing data initiatives and their impact on business goals.

The above-listed priorities are a great way to holistically review all items, their impact on the business, and how to address them tactically or strategically. Not everything mentioned above applies to every organization, but every organization wants to be data-driven. To achieve this goal, they need a path for implementing a better data management and governance process.

The above data management and governance items are vital for a successful data management program. Achieving the desired results requires a more profound discussion and understanding of the company and the industry. However, if you would like a more detailed overview, please get in touch with me at

As a CTO, I have years of experience setting up data management and governance programs in different organizations, including non-profits, and I am available for fruitful discussions.

The Fuzzitech advisory team has the expertise and experience in data governance advisory. It can set up a data management and governance program that will be right for your organization to achieve your goals.

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