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Tips on cloud cost optimization – How to manage the cost?

Cloud technology allows scalable on-demand sharing of resources. This technology has enabled small to midsize organizations to build and deploy applications fast. Despite these numerous benefits, many enterprises face spiraling costs and seek ways to reduce their cloud spend. In the recent survey by Gartner, 80% of executives agree that they can manage the cloud cost better.

Migrating to the cloud requires a mindset and plan for continued investment and development. One way to manage this is to use a phased approach, move cloud-ready applications first, and build processes around them. Invest in a restructured development life cycle for not-cloud-ready applications and bring them to a cloud-ready state. The new model will keep services agile and more cost-effective for the business in the future.

The initial investments in operational processes, agile development, and architecture will pay financial dividends on the cost-center side, making any organization more competitive and capable of responding to rapid changes in customer demands.

There are many examples where application redesign can incorporate key cloud innovations. For example, serverless technologies like Amazon Lambda could spearhead significant operational cost savings, but only if your organization shifts its application designs to this architecture.

Shifting ops could be a significant culture change, and if the change management is not handled correctly can make or break cloud goals. Combining the technical methodologies, business processes, and development strategies into a unified understanding of the cloud and its benefits will be the key to success. Companies embracing the cloud—and the operational and cultural changes that go with it—are positioning their offerings for growth in this new digital ecosystem where speed is one of the significant factors for success.

The above-mentioned vital elements are meant as information and require a more profound understanding of the company and the industry. However, if you would like a more detailed overview, please get in touch with me at

As a CTO, I have years of experience in platform reengineering for cloud migration and optimization and am available for fruitful discussions.

Fuzzitech expertise and experience in technology delivery can help you re-engineer applications for the cloud.

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