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Abstract Pathway

CTO-led Tech Advisory

In a world where all companies are digital, technology is central to business transformation.

  • Find opportunities - Get insights into how technology enables value creation and select the most lucrative projects

  • Develop a strategy - Take the opportunities identified and develop a value creation roadmap that optimizes timelines and growth opportunities, delivering results at speed

  • Apply a business model - Enable the business to tap technology in a way that minimizes risks and maximizes outcomes, fulfilling operational excellence objectives

  • Optimize Operation - Support transformed business and IT operating models, redesigned for growth, with benchmarking, data analysis, and optimized spending.

Optimize Growth With CTO-led Tech Advisory

Technology is foundational to business transformation. Before initiating any business transformation, you need a clear technology strategy and roadmap to guide you. Through our CTO-led technology advisory, we can assist you in defining your technology strategy to drive business outcomes.

Get Fast Results With Situational Advisory

Technology is necessary to give your business a competitive edge in this digital age, whether you are a start-up or an established firm. This advantage can only be obtained with solid technology leadership. This kind of leadership can be an added cost. To address this need, we have created various models. 


  • Situational Advisory - To address a specific issue, question, or challenge

    • Technology assessment and strategy

    • Buy-side due diligence

    • Sell-side representation

    • Focused mentoring and operational improvement for a client’s existing leader

    • Selecting vendors/partners and negotiating long-term strategic IT contracts

    • Technology integration, project and program assessment, and oversight

  • Vendor Advisory – Assist vendors looking to learn how to translate their value proposition and make it more meaningful to CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs

  • Subscription/Virtual CTO – Long-term member of the organization’s or investor's leadership team on a subscription basis to provide oversight of leadership responsibilities where experience cannot be compromised, but full-time dedication is not necessary or affordable. 

  • Transform customer experiences - Develop a strategy to revolutionize user experiences and improve end-to-end enterprise operations experience

  • Test your thesis - Optimize technology costs and transform your value realization approach by leveraging product and platform selection and implementation to drive better outcomes

  • Apply Operational efficiencies - Use BPR and automation strategy to achieve IT operational excellence. Streamline processes and improve workflows across the organization — for employees, customers, and vendors

  • Review your spending - Identify the best-fit platforms and deploy efficiently. Use IT spend analysis to identify inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary spend

  • Design a practical roadmap - Launch a value creation strategy that aligns technology to the business case, using IT benchmarking, assessments, and roadmaps to outsize outcomes

  • Optimize operation to create value - Apply a strong governance framework and enable the business with value architecture that delivers synergy for all business units.

Drive Value Creation With CTO-led Tech Advisory

Build a technology strategy aligned with your value creation approach using one of our experience technology advisors.

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